SPG 2013 will take place in November 9 in Stockholm Sweden

if you got questions send e-mail to  swepez@hotmail.com



Thanks to all the PEZ-heads that attemded the 3rd Swedish PEZ Gathering (SPG 2010) in Stockholm

Hope to see you again at SPG 2011







Thanks to all the PEZ-heads that attemded the 2nd Swedish PEZ Gathering (SPG 2009) in Stockholm

Hope to see you again at SPG 2010




For info or other questions send a e-mail to swepez@hotmail.com









In October 25 2008 we proudly presented SPG 2008. The first Swedish Pez gathering in Stockholm Sweden


Here are some Pictures from the Gathering

 More will added later




This page is made for the gathering and is always under construction. Some of the members of the Swedish Pez Group Forum have now put up pictures of their collections, go to Bilder/Pics to see them.


Also we put up pictures of the SPG stuff that so far been made, also can be found under Bilder/Pics


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The Swedish Pez Group (SPG) is a online community for the Swedish collectors of Pez.

Some of us are members of other world wide communities but we needed to have a national place to meet and talk about Pez.

Only Swedish spoken in this Forum (PEZ collectors from neighbour countries that speak Swedish are welcome to join)



Swedish PEZ Group



 Svenska Pez Gruppen Button


Svenska Pez Gruppen Button Set Limited edition (48)

Made to support the first gathering








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