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Calculate WATT to cost per day/month/year.

How much electricity costs

Calculate your electric cost

Watt: (1-10000)

My cost/kWh: $ (0.1-10000)

Usage hours/day: (1-24)

Calculation on the cost for a 40 watt light bulb.

Your pruducts electric cost  0.77 $  per day
Your pruducts electric cost  5.39 $  per week
Your pruducts electric cost  23.42 $  per month
Your pruducts electric cost  281.05 $  per year

Calculated on this data:
Producteffekt: 40 Watt = 0.04 kw My price: 0.8 ¢/kWh
Usage hours: 24 h

What is the cost for a lamp for a year?
To Calculate kilowatt-hours, take the wattage, multiply by the hours you use it, and divide by 1000.

Exampel 100W lamp 24h th Kw price on 15¢/kWh comes to:
100w/1000=0,1kW * 24h=2,4kWh * 15¢ = 36¢/day.

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