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Hi,'s web tracker and visitor counter counts
page views and unique visitors .
You can use different 'pageId's to track different
pages OR sites with just ONE account.
You can se statistics for:
  • Total amount of page views
  • Total amount of page views per unique 'pageId' ( Choose your own page name's(pageId) for your different pages. You can have different pageId's to track different pages or sites)
  • Total amount of unique visitors
  • Last visited pages (marked with 'pageId')
  • Last referers (sites that link TO you. such as search engines)
  • Last entry pages (the first page that your visitor sees)
  • Browser
  • Date and time
  • IP number
  • If the visitor arrives from a search engine

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Ether an java script or a php code snippet to dynamic set different values.

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