This site can be used to generate music scales and chords.

It applies the music theory to generate scales and chords by names based on interval patterns between notes.
The site can generate scale notes by provided scale name and type, generate chord notes by provided chord name and type, transpose scales, transpose chords, generate all chords that include provided notes, generate all scales that include provided notes, generate all scales that suits provided chords and generate all chords for provided scale.
Step 1.
Pick a key:
C - C# - D - D# - E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A# - B -
Step 2.
Pick scale:
c Major - c Ionian - c Minor - c Aeolian - c Dorian - c Phrygian - c Lydian - c Mixolydian - c Locrian - c Melodic minor asc - c Melodic minor desc - c Chromatic - c Pentatonic major - c Whole tone - c Pentatonic minor - c Pentatonic blues - c Pentatonic neutral - c Lydian augmented - c Lydian minor - c Lydian diminished - c Major blues - c Dominant pentatonic - c Blues - c Natural minor - c Harmonic minor -

Music is science. It follows patterns that obey well known mathematical rules.
This site provides a solution for generating music scales and chords based on known music theory rules.