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Episode Guide


Season 1 (1986)

1. Will to survive
An introduction to the show. It's Tom's birthday. The new doctor, Chris Randall, arrives. Later she is forced to amputate Jim Spencer's leg, to save his life.

2. Trial by gossip
Everybody is mad at Chris for amputating Jim Spencer's leg. Tom defends her. George Baxter and Jim Spencer threatens to sue Chris and the hospital. Chris discovers a girl with croup but the mother doesn't allow an operation because of the rumours Baxter's been spreading. Tom makes Baxter say he has been wrong. Chris saves the little girl.

3. Hot enough for you
The Robertson family comes to town, looking for work. On their way to a farm they get lost. The man goes to look for help, but it's extremly hot, he gets dehydrated and collapses. At the car the two boys wander off into the bush. The man is found and a search starts for the rest of the family. They find the car with the woman and a baby, but not the boys. Chris and George Baxter find them - a little too late. One of the boys died in the heat.

4. Dreams of sand
An old man called Rabbit is admitted to the hospital. Chris wants him to go to a nursing home for treatment, but Rabbit doesn't want to. He knows he won't live much longer and want to spend that time in freedom, which Chris finally understands. Hurtle is back from the coast, but he'll sell the garage, he has met a woman. She comes to visit him  and tells him she doesn't want to get involved with him, which means he'll stay in Coopers Crossing after all. Hurtle is bitten by a snake but saved by Ron. Sharon and Gibbo see each other a lot which makes Vic upset. He thinks Gibbo tries to take advantage of Sharon.

5. Public property
Bruce comes to Coopers Crossing to get married. He has never met the bride to be, they have only written letters. When Joylene arrives it turns out that she is pregnant. Bruce (and everybody else) get really upset, and Bruce says he doesn't want to marry her anymore. Tom feels sorry for Joylene, who really wanted to marry Bruce, so he lets her stay at his place. Finally Bruce's brother proposes to Joylene and they get married. When she's having the baby, they call him Bruce, which makes the "old" Bruce pretty happy.

6. Is nothing sacred
A lady called Debbie Wilson shows up in town to fight for the aborigines. She wants to find sacred places and make sure that the aboriginals have access to these places. Many of the people in Coopers Crossing get upset, and when Tom invites Debbie to dinner they think things have gone too far. A man called Don Shepard knows about sacred places, but he won't tell Debbie. He doesn't tell because one of the sacred places is situated on George Baxter's land, and Baxter is paying Don not to tell anyone. But after a while Don takes Debbie to the spot, and it turns out everything is a fake. Don painted the false picture and the "sacred" place himself to get payed from Baxter. Debbie leaves Coopers Crossing and everything is back to normal again.

7. Square pegs
Andrew Cameron is a farmer and very successful in everything he does. He demands his son, Matt, to be just as successful as he is, which of course is impossible. Finally Matt breaks into the Nomad and steels some drugs and tries to kill himself. He is rescued by the RFDS. Tom finds an old woman, Ruth Pitt, in a tent outside town, where she lives with her retarded son Hugh. Ruth has a bad heart, and she dies, so they have to send Hugh to a home. It is a bit sad, as everybody liked him so much.

8. Sins of the father
Prue is pregnant and staying at a couple she says is her aunt and ucle. She delivers the baby but it requires help from the RFDS as the baby is in a wrong position. Prue doesn't want to look at her child at all, and it turns out the couple isn't related to her. They just want to buy her baby! But Prue changes her mind and wants to keep her child. Hurtle and Ron are babysitting, when some gunpowder blows up in Ron's face. He will be ok but has to go to Sydney for treatment.

9. Rally to the cause
An international rally comes to Coopers Crossing which makes everyone excited. A driver called Sandra spends a lot of time with Gibbo and Chris has dinner with a french driver. This makes Tom jealous, but when he finds out nothing happened he and Chris kiss! Emma Plimpton arrives in Coopers Crossing, she Hurtle's niece and a trained mechanic.

10. Talk of the town
Emma is upset with Hurtle, the garage's economy is a mess, Hurtle never demands people to pay their bills which makes it impossible for him to pay his! So Emma has to do his dirty work. Violet finds out she has got diabetes, but doesn't take care of it and collapses. Finally Tom makes her realize she can live a great life, even though she's a diabetic.

11. Do you read me
One of Sharon's friends is going out with a boy named Max, and she goes to Chris to get the pill. Linda gets the prescription at the farmacy, but Violet sees her, and soon everybody knows about it. Linda's mother is more or less seing George Baxter, and he gets really upset! He talks to Frank, Tom and Chris, and threatens to sue Chris for doing this. Linda suspects that she's already pregnant and she and Max run off. They're involved in a car-accident, and Linda looses her baby.

12. E.T.- new girl in town
Tom and Gibbo have to land in the middle of nowhere after a clinic run. They go to an old cabin where they find a man and his dying mother. They also find the man's daugther Amanda who has lived there isolated for her whole life. When the old lady dies Tom promises to bring Amanda to town, but this upsets the man. He later comes to town to persuade Amanda to come back. She refuses and he kills himself.

13. A choice of enemies
RFDS gets an emergency call from Adrian Bailey, son of the wealthy Rex Bailey, who is out cycling in the bush. Everybody says he shouldn't go on, he doen't know anything about the bush. But he ignores them. After a while they get another call from him, but at the same time there's an emergency call - a 7-year old boy with 50% burns. Tom chooses to go to the boy first, but when they come to Adrian he's dead! A very rude reporter is there, and he makes it sound as it was all Tom's fault Adrian died. Rex arrives in town and after reading the papers he also blames Tom. But Sharon talks to him, and he understands it wasn't Tom's fault.

14. Departures
Sharon tells everybody that she is moving to Sydney to study. She's going to be a socialworker. Everybody at the base is happy for her but Gibbo is a bit upset about Sharon did not tell him she applied. Nancy is sad about Sharon leaving, but Vic's really angry. He and Sharon fight about it, but Sharon does go, eventually. There's a man, Jim Dawson, who is going crazy at a pub after drinking very much, where he also gets serious cuts to his face. He just rides off, and when Tom and Jack arrive, they go after him. Jim is in a really bad shape so they bring him home to his wife. This has happened a lot of times before, but now he really want to change things. His wife, Peg doesn't believe him, and she leaves him.

15. A lost generation
Gibbo, Ron and Emma meet a woman named Clare Dobson on the road where her car broke down. Gibbo gives her a ride back to town and Ron promises to fix her car. It's obvious that they are competing over her. Nancy is helping out on the base after Sharon left. Joe offered her the job, which makes Tom and Chris a bit upset. The war-memorial is coming up, and everybody is excited. Everybody except Chris. She thinks it's horrible to celebrate war, and she's arguing about it at the base. This really upsets Joe, and Chris finds out that he experienced some terrible things when he was in Vietnam. Later it turns out that Clare Dobson was Violet's granddaughter, which of course makes Violet very happy!

16. Someone special
Tom sees some horrible pictures of starving kids in Africa and starts thinking of going there to help. Chris thinks they're about to get married and tells Violet - which means the whole town knows. But Tom tells Chris he's made up his mind, he'll go to Africa. The talk in the town just says Tom will leave the outback and everybody thinks he'll go into town to start his own clinic. This hurts Tom a lot, but when he tells the truth, everybody apologizes. But the whole town, especially Chris, is sad when he leaves.

17. Return of the hero
The new doctor, Geoff Standish arrives, a really bragging city doctor. He gets drunk one night, when he was on call, which upsets Chris terribly. Geoff tells her he came to the outback because his wife died of cancer. He was to busy working and didn't notice until it was too late, and he blames himself for her death. They meet a man called Les Foster, who is gay, and has found out he has got aids. The disease gets worse and he finally dies.

18. Eye of the beholder
Kate is at George Baxter's place giving vaccin-shots. They run into bad weather during a ride and go to a shed. George is hit by lightning, and has a seizure. It turns out he might have epilepcy. Violet is organizing the Miss Coopers Crossing contest, and manages to talk Emma into entering. She wins over a stroppy girl called Melissa Cumberland-Brown.

19. Million-acre prison
The base gets a call, a boy got shot and Chris flies out. She does her best, but the boy dies. The weather is really bad, so they can't fly the body back to town. Jack and dr. Turner agree that Chris should do the autopsy at the spot. She feels bad about it, but does it anyway. Geoff gets a telegram, a job-offer from Sydney, and Violet discovers this as well. Which means the whole town knows pretty soon. Kate is really upset about Geoff leaving, and so is the rest of the town. Finally Geoff decides to stay.

20. Like a death in the family
A family, the Morgans, has to sell their property, and George Baxter buys it for his company. This makes the Morgans pretty mad. Nancy has done some tests with Geoff and the results show some cellular changes in her utures, it's cancer. They have operate. After the operation it shows that the cancer has spread and they have to perform a hystorectomy (to remove the whole utures), but Nancy refuses. She and Vic argue a lot about it, and this makes Sharon returns from Sydney for a while. But she can't make Vic understand why Nancy refuses to have the operation. Sharon talks to Geoff and Chris to get some advice. Finally she makes Vic understand and he talks to Nancy. She decides to have the operation, and it's a success, they managed to get rid of the whole cancer!

21. Fearless frank
Gibbo demands vacation, and the only release-pilot is an old man called Frank Watson, known as Fearless Frank. He is a very good pilot but sometimes he takes risks. He really likes a woman called Val. She called the RFDS, but she's a hypochondric, so Chris doesn't want to go. Frank went on his own but after picking Val up he got a stomach-ache and has to make an emergency landing on the road. This means Gibbo won't get his vacation after all ... Frank ends up in hospital but discharges himself and goes flying. As he is sick he doesn't have the permission to fly. When he lands he claims this was his last flight, he'll start working for Val!

22. Forgiveness
Kate and George Baxter are together, but Kate finds out George also has a relation with another woman, so she breaks up with him again. Meanwhile a young woman called Sarah is very scared to be alone in her house, while her husband is gone. She thinks someone is sneeking around the house and she is right! 

23. Acceptance
The Cochrane-brothers come to town. They end up in hospital after they've been in an accident with explosives - looking for gold! Josie Rattan has a caraccident, but says she's ok. When Geoff finds her unconscious he does some tests, she has got a braintumor. She knows she'll die but don't want to spend her last days in hospital. She finally convinces Geoff to let her go!

24. The show goes on
A theatre group comes to town, but their director and head-actor, Rick, breaks his leg. In hospital Chris discovers he has got a disease that needs treatment in Sydney but he won't go. Their manager runs with all their money, but the town helps them out. Joe gets a part instead of the one Rick should have and is a real success. He is offered to go with the group but refuses. Rick decides to go to Sydney after all.

25. To the rescue
Two thieves are troubling everyone, they want pills and medicins to sell to schoolkids. They hassle both Kate and Jack. But one of them is injured and is nearly killed! Chris saves him. Violet organizes the Queen of the Outback contest in Windoona, but everything goes wrong. Violet and Emma are arguing about clothes and Emma says she quits. Chris manages to make a compromise. Then it turns out the decoration is wrong, and the band doesn't play the right music. And Violet blames Chris for all of it!

26. Into the future
The Queen of the Outback competition is held in Windoona and Emma wins! On the way back Gibbo has to fly, even though he is on vacation because the other pilot was drunk. The engines catches fire, and he has to do an emergency landing. Everything seems to be all right, but Gibbo is seriously ill. He has to fly to Broken Hill but on the way he dies. George Baxter is elected new M.P of the district.

Season 2

27. Good day for it
Sam and Kate are worrying about a woman named Sal Cleary, she acts a bit odd. They check it out and it turns out her daughter Julie is pregnant. She isn't married but still wants to keep the baby. The family wanted to pretend the baby was Sal's, so both she and Julie has to stay out of sight until the baby is born. At the birth there are some complications but everything goes well eventually and Geoff, Kate and Sam make everybody think it was Sal's child. There is a political election between George Baxter and a man named Rob Dalton. George wins.

28. Horses for courses
A man called Jim has a car-accident and goes to hospital. His wife, Carol, is acting a bit strange about it. Chris finds out she's dyslectic, but she refuses to admit it. Later her son drinks some medicine, she can't read the bottle and so everybody finds out over the radio she can't read and write. Sam buys a horse from Carol, who is an extremely good rider, and Sam and Kate are practicing together for the big rodeo. Carol doesn't want to ride in the rodeo, she feels embarresed, but she turns up anyway. There's a beer-strike and Hurtle makes some own beer. But suddenly the whole town starts acting really strange. Geoff finds out Hurtle has mixed the alcohol with caffeine, which causes personality changes!

29. The unluckiest boy in town
A woman named Barbara Freeman finds out she's got a braindisease. It's hereditary, but her husband Robert won't tell their son Michael, he doesn't want him to worry. But Michael hears it anyway, and steals Baxter's airplane. DJ wants to start a disco to get the youngsters calm, they have caused a lot of trouble. Jack gives him permission to build a gym. Jack's boss Kevin has heard complaints about the youngsters and shows up. He decides to transfer Jack, but when he sees how Jack talked Michael down from the plane he changes his mind. Finally DJ gets his disco and celebrates with a huge party!

30. It isn't cricket
A rich man called Nigel turns up in town. Due to an accident he ends up in hospital. He has got one glass eye, and a melanoma in the other one. He refuses an operation since that would make him completely blind and doesn't care what the others say. Finally Kate and a blind lady convince him to have the operation. There's a cricket game between the Crossing and Windoona and Nigel manages to get a top national player to play for Coopers Crossing. Sam plays for Windoona, and finally it's him versus Emma - Emma wins and so does the Crossing!!

31. An only child
Jan, Phil and Zoe Buchanon come to the Crossing to write some articles and take some pictures. Both Jan and Phil fall down a cliff, which makes little Zoe an orphan. She moves in with Chris. Sam can't stay at the pub, the RFDS can't afford paying the bill anymore, they can only pay 60 dollars a week. Sam moves in with Violet, but then it turns out Vic and Nancy would have let Sam stay at the pub for those 60 dollars. This causes a huge fight between Violet and Nancy! Sam is waiting to see if he will get his permenancy as a pilot of the RFDS,but when the letter comes it turns out he got another six months probation.

32. A love story
Susan is pregnant. When her father and brother find out, they put a lot of pressure on her boyfriend Greg to marry her. Susan has a miscarriage and then her family thinks marriage is not necessary anymore. Geoff and Kate help Greg out. Chris and father Jacko wonder what has to happen with Zoë.

33. Keeping up appearances
Elaine Dermody is treated by Chris for some bruises which she says are caused by a fall. Chris doesn't believe her story. Hurtle finds a new way of earning money: he sells survial kits for in the desert. Together with DJ he makes a video.

34. All things bright and beautiful
A patient is brought in by Geoff. Everyone is dazzled, but Geoff is still doubting. Father Jacko has raised money for new choir books. When he is on a holiday, a rough motor rider is seen with Jacko's bag. Jacko as well as a kangaroo are shot.

35. My name is sky
A group of hippies comes to Coopers Crossing. They sell things and offer massages to bring people closer together. One of the group steels from the garage. Geoff is allowed to go to a meeting in Sydney. Everything seems to have change there. Sky helps Chris with a patient.

36. Bachelors & spinsters
There is a bachelor party in Broken Hill and because of it DJ has a couple of days off. Baxter has arranged his replacement, Barry Saunders. Barry is very strict by the book. When Glen tries to reach Chris with a fake emergency, Barry thinks he'll be blamed for it. Then it turns out there is really something wrong with Glen and Barry freaks out. Geoff asks Kate to save to last dance for him.

37. Fifty-two hours straight
Pharlap and Carbine burn a car to get some money from the insurance company. Sam, Emma and Geoff are on their way home and Sam thinks an actual accident has happened. Sam gets hurt because of an explosion. The only thing Emma and Geoff can do is to take care of light and warmth.

38. A friend of a friend
Dougie gives a stranger a lift. The man talks on and on about his direct contact with God and Dougie introduces him to Jacko. Chris diagnoses the man with schizofrenia. Sam and Emma visit Sam's parents.

39. Friends & lovers
Chris and Zoë go to Broken Hill to meet Zoë's father and to take a patient to the hospital. Sam has bought a ring for Emma which she keeps in her save. Because of the anual eel catching event, Emma's ex-boyfriend is in Coopers Crossing as well. Geoff tries to catch an eel for Kate.

40. Realms of gold
An old man is found in the desert; he is hurt and not to be saved. He leaves a piece of paper. It is a map of an area where gold might be found. Soon whole of Coopers Crossing is caught by goldfever.

41. The hometown hero
While Sam is on his way home, he picks up an emergency call of another plane. The pilot is unwell and his brother can't fly. Sam talks him down safely. Kate and Geoff share their first kiss.

42. A distant echo
Violet finds out that her great grandfather was responsible for killing many aboriginals. She is very upset and wants to die. Dougie has appendicitis and helps Violet accept things the way they are. Geoff and Kate ignore each other and fight again because Geoff mentions Kate's relationship with Baxter.

43. No laughing matter
Mum Cochrane is reported missing. When she is found it turns out she hasn't got long to live anymore. Her two sons, Pharlap and Carbine, are getting their "pocket money" because of Geoff. They waste the money until Jack locks them in. Mum is taken to a nursing home in Melbourne en is still quite capable of giving orders. Emma and Sam get engaged.

44. No quarter asked
Jessie Logan returns to the Crossing after having wandered around the world for five years. Especially Kate is very glad. Jessie has MS. George Baxter is working against her plans and this gives her new strenght. All her friends help out to fix her little house while she's in hospital.

45. Myths & legends
Stories are told about Hughie, a man who lives in the outback for years. A journalist tries to prove that the man doens't exist, but a boy claims to be Hughie's grandson and wants to prove the opposite. Chris has to go on holiday.

46. The hitch-hiker
A hitch hiker runs away for her boyfriend Bruce. When it turns out that even in the hospital she isn't save, Geoff takes her to his own house. His distance to patients he likes to keep, seems to have vanished. Kate is jealous and the whole village questions Geoff's act. Bruce finds them and wants to revenge on Geoff.

47. Give a dog a bad name
Everyone thinks an older couple is murdered, because there is no other explanation for their death. The most important suspects are three men who have just arrived with a fun fair. But Jack discovers something else. Chris' father interferes with her work all the time and this annoys Chris a lot.

48. Every day a gift
Chris' father's girlfriend comes to Coopers Crossing. Noel Farley has to sell his farm to afford a journey to Venice for his sick daughter. Maureen makes sure that Baxter has to pay the full price for it. Noel is now able to send his daughter to an expensive clinic. DJ organizes a lottery to raise some money for the journey to Venice.

49. Bearing gifts
DJ's friends open a restauarant in Coopers Crossing. When one of the guests gets a food poisoning, the restaurant is blamed. Emma goes to Sydney to buy a wedding dress and to pick up Violet. Violet is arrested because she has some drugs with her. She helps the police to find the person who is really responsible for it.

50. Repeat performance
Preparations for the bicentenial are in full swing, just as preparations for Sam and Emma's wedding. Chris gets stuck somewhere with a sick girl because of bad weather conditions. The only transport she can get is a donkey. Sam, Kate and Geoff are just on time for the ceremony and Kate catches the wedding bouquet.

Season 3

51. The noble art
Some boxers come to Coopers Crossing. Johnny Lawrence is one of them. He was the champion some years ago and is very much set to a come-back. He develops some kind of crush on Kate. During a fight, Johnny loses consiousness. It is discovered that he has problems with his heart and he may never box again. At first he is very angry about it, but later on he decides to buy a farm and become a farmer. He asks Kate to go with him, but she refuses.

52. Sapphire

Sapphire is a woman who is married and lives with her husband and his sister. Her husband is a lot older than her and everyone thinks Sapphire is after his money. Meanwhile the sister is poisoning her brother but has convinced the farm hand that Sapphire is doing it.

53. Cries from the heart
A man and his 8yr old daughter Tracy are in a car crash and Tracy wanders off. A woman reports to Jack that she has met the girl but Jack doesn't believe her as there is no evidence of a child having been in the car, and the woman has been reporting for years a child is crying in the bush as her own 8yr old daughter Laura died. When Tracy's father regains conciousness and asks for Tracy, Jack is distraught as he blames himself for Laura's death. Chris comforts Jack and later the girl is found alive.

54. All in a day's work

It's inspection time at the base and the inspector hasn' t arrived. The team is busy flying around the district and are unable to make the clinic run. Guess who's at the clinic run? The inspector. Eventually she arrives at the base by the mail plane but when she is talking to Geoff he falls asleep. Jack falls in love with Chris.

55. Out of a clear blue sky

Marty the mechanic arrives and causes problems for DJ at the disco, while Jack is out of town sorting out his divorce in the hope that Chris and he will get together.

56. Affirmative action

Because of the doctor's service, a tennis match is organised at the farm of the Greenways. Meg, the daughter, trains secretely for a camel race of 3000 km. When her father finds out, he refuses all financial support. Sam and Emma convince George Baxter to support Meg.

57. Figures in a landscape

The famous artist Max comes with his agent Charles to Coopers Crossing. To make a profit, they pretend that Max died, but then it turns out, Charles won't share the money. Geoff's former girlfriend visits Coopers Crossing. She tries to let GG fall for her again. Kate and Chris would like to know what the other "G" stands for (maybe Grumpy?).

58. The devil you know

Kimberley White, a representative of a firm which has stocks in the Baxter company, comes by for an inspection. She is very stressed out and lives on pills. Chris gives her inspiration to overrule her boss.

59. Operating solo

A doctor in science comes to the Crossing. He falls in love with Chris. He is seriously injured by an explosion and Chris is the only one available to operate on him! Geoff hurts his knee and is sent to Broken Hill. Kate goes there with him (against her will because "doctors are the worst patients"). Geoff and Kate have to stay in a motelroom and they kiss, but that's it!

60. The path of true love

A group of people falls in a river. Connie is seriously injured and keeps asking for her husband Robert. The other members of the group don't believe he exists and they are getting tired of her. But Geoff finds the man.

61. The kid

Andy arrives with his dog in Coopers Crossing to join a match for dogs. He fights with another boy, gets injured and has to go to hospital. There they find out that Andy has got a tumor.

62. The first step

A woman who has got a seizure, blaims all of this on her baby. Her husband can't cope anymore. Chris tries, with all the other Coopers Crossing's residents, all sorts of therapy, but nothing seems to work. But then Sam takes her to the horses.

63. Hopscotch

Mimmi, her husband and two daughters arrive in Coopers Crossing. Mimmi is already giving birth when she arrives in hospital. Kate takes the two daughters to Violet, who takes them to Sam and Emma. Then the husband disappears and a day later they have all disappeared.

64. Jacks high

Because of a fire at the Baxter's place, Jack has to kill all the sheep. When he gets a lift back to the plane, his gun goes off and Jack is seriously injured. Marty and Dougie organise a riding casino for sheep sheerers.

65. Clapped out

Violet doubts about leaving. Nancy gets Maggie Hutton to take over Violet's shop. They organise a diner to thank Violet. Chris spends a lot of time with Mike and because of it, Kate feels not at ease. She is scared she has to move again.

66. Private lives, public faces

A new cop Larry O'Connor and his dog Rebel arrive in town and he is eager to make an impression. He starts out by arresting the youths who broke into Baxter's office. DJ is panicking as the boys go to the disco he runs. Mike tells Chris he is married, but that he loves her. Violet's grand-daughter arrives and takes Violet to England.

67. Wedlock

A boy finds out his mother is having an affair with another landowner. The boy falls off his horse and complains of pain in his legs. Chris can't find anything wrong with the boy and suggests he go home. He hears his parents talking about a divorce and falls ill again. Sam and Chris devise a way to find out if he is faking or not. Marty is forever talking about leaving for Surfer's Paradise so DJ, Constable O'Connor and Sam set up the Surfer's Carnival.

68. The wrangler's daughter

A wrangler and his mental impaired daughter are camping out in the bush. The wrangler's boss Richard Sawyer frightens the girl who runs away, and when her father goes looking for her he is bitten by a snake. The locals start a search in the bush and Constable O'Connor impresses the town by finding the girl.

69. Borrowed time

A crop duster friend of Sam's named Bob works for Baxter but he has turned into a enviromentalist and sprays water and milk over the crops. Baxter is not impressed and wants Constable O'Connor to arrest him. Bob tells Sam about his 8yr old son being killed when he sprayed himself with chemical from a tank. Bob decides to make a statement by threatening to empty chemicals into Canberra's water supply. Bob gets killed and Sam finds out there were no chemicals aboard his plane.

70. The forbidden
A land inspector visits and falls down a cave after being warned by an aboriginal spirit to stay away. He is rescued but is very ill. Geoff asks Dougie for help in getting the curse removed. The man recovers but his tests show he has a disease caused by bat droppings. Mike visits Chris and brings his two daughters with him. The whole town starts talking about Chris, so Mike leaves but states he will be back. Sam's sister, Paula, also comes to the Crossing, she got a job as radiographer at the hospital.

71. She'll be right
Hurtle returns to the crossing driving a Rolls Royce, which is stolen, but he doesn't know. Constable O'Connor is advised to look out for the stolen car, so Hurtle and Vic hide it. Jack returns and he finds out Hurtle and Vic are up to no good. Mike tells Chris he has asked his wife for a divorce, but receives a call saying his wife has taken the children back to France. He asks Chris to go with him but she refuses. Mike leaves, and Chris cries on Jack's shoulder.

72. One final request

An old lady is dying. Geoff and Kate keep her company, as she won't leave her house. She tells Geoff and Kate not to hesitate to say that they are in love with each other. Hurtle and Vic must appear to court because they owned a stolen car.

73. Roxanne

Emma is going out to fix a tractor, despite Sam's and Paula's protests. On the road she sees a car in trouble. Inside she finds Roxanne and Kenny, both on the run from the police after a robbery. Kenny has been shot and is in a dreadful state. Roxanne forces Emma, under gunpoint, to ditch their car, and drive them to an abandonned shed in the bush. Late at night Kenny gets worse, so Emma and Roxanne go into town and get Chris. Sam has already reported Emma missing, but no one misses Chris until the following morning. A search is organised and finally they find Chris and Emma, who has been under a lot of strain, since Roxanne has been taking amfetamines.

74. Don't tell anybody

A school picnic is held at a property belonging to a man named Rodney. He claims a ghost lives there too, called Mick. Geoff and Kate are there, to teach the kids first aid. Later on the town people gather out there, except for Maggie, Emma, Chris and Lucy, who look after the pub. Geoff and Sam are called out on an emergency, but get terribly frightened by a dog! They swear, however, not to tell anybody. At night three nasty men arrive at the pub, which scares the women a bit. On the property Marty decides that he's going to sleep in Mick's room, to see if he is real. Paula scares him during the night, pretending to be a ghost. Marty runs away and falls down a gully! Sam is getting very worried about Emma, he can't reach her on the phone. He rushes back the following morning, only to find her and the other women having a nice breakfast with the nasty blokes from the previous night. Before Jack leaves Rodney's property, he actually sees Mick, in whom he had never previously believed, but when he tells Chris, she just laughs.

75. No way back

Emma is visiting a lady called Ann Williams on a farm out of town. George Baxter wants to buy the property, but Ann doesn't want to sell it, she has too many memories of the farm, where she lost her child a few years back. While Emma is out there, Sam visits, and suddenly Emma get a horrible stomach pain. She realizes there's something wrong with the baby, and George Baxter, who is in the neighbourhood, offers to give her and Sam a lift to the hospital. When they arrive in Coopers Crossing, Emma has lost her baby. Emma seems to recover, but an argument with Sam reveals she's really feeling terrible. Ann has decided to sell the property and move to the city. She doesn't want George to get a cheep price so she organizes an auction. The property is sold ... to Sam Patterson!! Geoff finally agrees to go flying with Chris in her Tiger Moth. He is terrifid ... but he survives!

76. Johnnie come home

A man named Harry has inherited a kidney disease from his father and needs a new kidney. The only one who might be able to give it to him is his brother Johnnie, but he disappeared in Vietnam during the war. Harry's father dies and at the funural his wife Julia sees Johnnie, but Harry doesn't believe her. When Johnnie ends up in hospital, it turns out Julia was right, it is Johnnie! He gives his kidney to Harry!

Season 4

77. Look, up in the sky
Because of a fundraising, Geoff and Kate join a balloon race. Geoff is no good at navigating! It turns out the owner of the balloon is ill. He has to go to hospital. His wife just left him because he had something going on with a younger girl, but she returns to him. 

78. Preacher man
A preacher called Teddy Faithful is coming to town, and it is said he can perform miracles. At a meeting in the townhall, when everybody is there, he makes a blind man see again! Everybody is stunned, but later on it turnes out that it was all a fake. Brett, the man organizing all Teddy's activities, had hired the man to make everything looks good. Teddy fires Brett and will leave on his own, along with Jenny Rose, a singer who now follows Teddy around and didn't know anything about Brett's lies either. Paula thinks she is turning to religion and wants to follow Teddy, but Sam makes her see sense.

79. The fear - Part I
Kimberly White is coming back to Coopers Crossing, to check on George Baxter. She brought her son Todd. Chris meets them at the airport, but Todd isn't very nice. They make a country drive, and stop in the middle of the outback to go for a walk. Todd stays by the car, but suddenly he gets frightened and starts running after Kimberly and Chris, screaming. He falls and hurts his leg. When they asked him what scared him, he says it was a snake. In hospital, Todd gets a bed next to a young boy named Danny, and they become good friends. Chris is still worried about Todd, she doesn't believe a snake scared him, and on a hunch she takes him outside. He gets completely terrified, and Chris realizes he's got agrophobia, he's afraid to be outdoors. Paula realises that Danny has a crush on her and tells him that she is more of a big sister to him. It helps her to understand the situation Geoff has been in while she had a crush on him and she tells him she is over the crush and hopes they can be friends. Geoff is relieved.

80. The fear - Part II
Todd is still in hospital, and getting therapy equipment organised from all around the district, but he still can't seem to go out. Kimberly buys him a brand new motorbike, thinking this will help him overcome his fear, but it doesn't. Sam and Emma suggest, that Todd could ride the motorbike at dawn, when nobody is around to see wether he makes it or not. Todd tries, and it works out fine. He decides to go on a clinic run with Chris, and when Sam has let Chris off, he flies Todd to Danny's property. When they're about to land, Todd gets scared and tells Sam to abord the landing. Danny is down below, riding his own motorbike, but he takes a serious fall and is knocked unconcious. Todd overcomes his fear in order to save Danny. Kimberly is upset about not being able to help Todd, so she puts her energy into building a sports centre in Coopers Crossing. She's annoyed about it taking so long, and when she and Todd has to leave, she let's Jack handle the builing of the sports centre.

81. Fair go
The mailman, old Frank, is retiring, and he introduces the new mailman, Nick to everyone in the district. When Nick is taking over, he charges double Frank's prices, which makes everyone mad. A lady called Gail Morris wanted to get a lift with the mailplane to a clinic when she wasn't feeling good, but changed her mind when she found out what it would cost. Later on she was found unconcious, it turned out she was a diabetic. Nick realizes his mistakes, and lowers the prices. George is told of Kimberley's donation to Jack for the sports centre and tries to manipulate Jack and Chris into spending it on the Baxter Memorial Park. Jack and Chris investigate and discover that George is under a legal obligation to refurbish the park and it will cost him a fortune to do so. He is hoping they will fund it instead of the sports centre. Jack and Chris make plans but discover that George has lodged a complaint with the council about the site. They eventually compromise on the "Kimberley White Memorial Centre" with a big plaque proclaiming Baxter's assistance, on the park site.

82. Broken airwaves
Kate is sick and tired of being taken for granted. She leaves for a rodeo, but her car breaks down. Kate mounts her horse Toby, but he throws Kate off. Kate hurts her neck and she can't remember anything. In an old shed she makes radiocontact with the RFDS. D.J. tries to figure out where she is. Geoff is personally more involved than he should be as a doctor! 

83. Bed and board
A new man in town, Ron, offers to work for bed and board at Sam and Emma's place. They need all the help they can get, and are greatful. It turns out Ron is the man who ran out on Maggie, when she was young and pregnant. Ron wants to make up for it, but Maggie turns him down.

84. Breaking the drought
There's a bad drought in the neighbourhood, making everybody in a bad mood. Vic has to go to Broken Hill to get more beer, but Lucy, who will look after the pub, falls ill. Marty offers to help, but leaves the pub unattended. When he comes back, Paula has taken over, making him a bit upset. They decide to help, but everything gets out of hand, and the pub is totally wrecked. Emma is angry with Marty, for helping out at the pub instead of the garage and he fires him. When Vic gets back, he doesn't get too upset about the brawl, and he convinces Emma to give Marty his job back. In the end, the drought is broken and it starts to rain!

85. Family secrets - Part I
Geoff's brother Barry arrives in town, to everyone's surprise. Geoff never talks about his family, but Barry seems really nice. Geoff isn't too happy about seeing his brother and makes him stay in the pub. Barry helps out with a lot of things, and he also organizes the building of the sports centre. He has an intrest in Kate, especially after seeing Geoff is a bit interested in her, and after the official opening of the sports centre Kate is upset with Geoff and Barry comforts her. Marty has found the perfect car for Barry, "the Beast", and Barry offers to take Marty with him to Surfer's. Geoff is mad at Barry, and offers to pay him, if he leaves Coopers Crossing. Barry just laughs at him!

86. Family secrets - Part II
Barry tells Kate Geoff has warned him to get away from her. She gets upset and asks him out for dinner, which he ofcourse accepts. Vic leaves Barry his bill, but he doesn't seem to be able to pay. Vic asks Geoff about it, and Geoff pays up right away. Barry later on takes Kate on a ride in "the Beast", he wants to talk about Geoff. When they stop Barry tries to talk Kate into coming with him to Surfer's. When she doesn't want to he tries to kiss her. Kate fights him off, resulting in him driving as a maniac back to town, scaring Kate to death. Barry talks to Marty, saying he doesn't want to buy "the Beast" after all, meaning the garage will be stuck with the car. Geoff finds out, and buys the car, so Emma won't loose any money on the deal. Later in the pub, nobody wants to sit with Barry. When Geoff comes in, Barry starts provoking him. Finally they both go outside and have a proper fist fight. Afterwards they go to Geoff's place, but Geoff still forces Barry to leave first thing the following morning. When he has left, Geoff starts to talk to Kate. She is really upset, and says she can't live with a man who never opens up. Geoff tries to tell Kate about himself, but she's says she'll be going away to get over him!

87. All you need is luck
A new nurse, Penny, arrives as a replacement for Kate. This upsets Maggie, since she and Penny both are from Windoona, and Penny might have a few stories to tell about Maggie. Sam and Emma let Maggie stay with them, and Maggie tells Emma she had a son when she was very young. The father was shot, and therefore her son David was raised as her brother. When David turned 21 Maggie told him the truth, which made him run away. There's a big cattle sale going on in the district, and D.J. meets a friend called Jean, who he only knows from radio conversations. She has a funny relationship to her stationhand Russ. She wants to have a baby with him, but he wants to marry her. They've worked out an agreement, if she gets pregnant, they will marry. In hospital Russ finds out he can't have children. He asumes Jean won't marry him because he can't give her a baby and he leaves. D.J. and Jean manages to track him down and convince him to stay with Jean.

88. The silly season
A man called Lloyd Somerset is out driving when he picks up a young man called Jamie. In the evening there's a terrible storm coming and suddenly Jamie sees some strange lights in front of the car. Lloyd doesn't say anything, he hasn't even told Jamie his name. All of a sudden, the lights appear again and the car is turned over! Geoff and Sam are on their way home from a clinic when the storm hits the plane, causing the electricity to malfunction. The compass is magnetic, and shouldn't be affected, but it's acting very crazy. Sam manages to get the plane down and Geoff takes a look at Lloyd in hospital. He has lost a lot of blood and is unconscious. Geoff finds out he's got leukaemia. Jamie is released from hospital and at the pub he tells everyone he saw a UFO. He calls all the newspapers, who are interested at first, but later decide not to follow up the story. Finally Geoff learns the truth about Lloyd. He'd been to a nuclear testing site where he used to work. He tells Geoff terrible tests went on, and he has written a book about it. Therefore he uses an alias, and he is being followed. He gives the manuscript of the book to Geoff. Right after Lloyd dies, an investigator from Canberra arrived. He got all Lloyd's things, apart from the manuscript, which Geoff posted to the publishers. Geoff also decides to keep "the Beast".

89. Every situation
Baxter has been on a political trip in Canberra, and got stuck by helping young boys who had no place to stay. They make life miserable for him, and fool around a lot on the radio. When Baxter threatens to have them sent back to Canberra, they cause him to crash with his plane. They didn't think he'd get hurt, but he did. He recoveres in hospital. Chris is feeling a bit run down, but won't admit it to anybody. Finally she agrees to let Geoff take some tests. Sam's new flying pupil turnes out to be Maggie's brother. He knows where Maggie's son is, and even though Maggie pretends not to care, the news upsets her.

90. The storyteller
A storyteller called Tommy Barringa comes to the district and Jack and Chris go to listen to him. Tommy and a girl named Lindey love each other but Lindey's father doesn't like his daughter seeing a black man. The father is abused, he gets a dislocated shoulder and Dougie says he did it. Jack doesn't believe him but Dougie insists. Finally there's a fight between Tommy and the father and it also turnes out Tommy was responsible for the dislocation. Tommy ends up in prison where he kills himself.

91. The choice
Kate returns, but she wants to swap jobs with Penny permanently. Geoff tries to talk to her, begging her to stay until Chris comes back from Sydney. He won't tell Kate why Chris went to Sydney, making Kate even more upset. A plane crashes on Robert Morton's property, with two young women in. Chris is called back from her trip to Sydney and she and Geoff go out there. There is nothing they can do for one of the women, Kerry, but they can save Sandra. It turned out Kerry and Sandra were sisters. They both lived with Robert, as he couldn't choose one of them, he loved them both. It's sheering time for Sam and Emma, but Sam is occupied with emergencies, leaving Emma to care for the property. Maggie helps her out at first, but then leaves her to figure out the best way of getting the work done. Emma tries to convince Sam to teach her to fly. Penny says she doesn't want to swap jobs with Kate, but Kate makes it clear to Geoff she'll only be staying until Chris gets back from Sydney.

92. A shadow of doubt
Gary Arnold and his daughter Su are forced to land in Coopers Crossing, Gary collapsed over the controls. In hospital nobody seems to know what's the matter with him. Finally Geoff has a hunch, he reckons it could be typhoid, and it is. Everybody is very upset, and they make sure to keep a distance to Su. Marty, who has taken Su under his wings, defends her. Finally it turns out Su came from a camp in Thailand, where she'd been ever since her mother died. Gary had tried to get her out of there, without success, so they had fled Thailand and entered Australia illegally. Jack worked it out though, and they can stay.

93. Mick and Julia
Mick and Julia come to the Crossing trying to get away from Julia's daugther, Prue. Everybody likes them, and Mick, who enjoys running, helps organizing a "Fun Run" - a 20 kilometres marathon, where all the money goes to the RFDS. After the race Mick is resting in his room. But when Julia finds him, he is dead. She tries to kill herself but is saved, and eventually her will to live returns.

94. The deal
A woman gets a really bad asthma attack and thanks to her son she gets to hospital. The boy makes a deal with God: if God makes his mum better God can take him instead. Everybody tries to convince him God doesn't do deals like that, but the boy doesn't believe them. Finally Father Jacko succeeds, maybe with some help from above...

95. A thing of beauty
Emma's schoolmate Jenny comes to Coopers Crossing to visit Emma and Sam. She's acting really strange and Emma convinces her to see Geoff. It turns out she's got anorexia, but she refuses to admit it. But finally she realizes it's for the best and goes for treatment. A mining company suspects there might be some minerals on Sam and Emma's property and they think about what they will do with all the money. In the end it turns out there aren't any minerals worth extracting.

96. Cadenza
A child orchestra arrives at Coopers Crossing. The solist, Andrew, instantly falls in love with Emma. The bus broke down on the way to Coopers Crossing, that's how they met. When the orchestra is leaving the bus breaks down again! Emma has to order parts from Broken Hill. Andrew hurts his hand really bad and needs immediate surgery, but it is not sure if he ever will be able to play the violin again. In hospital he tells Emma he sabotaged the bus to be able to spend more time with her.

97. Mates
A ferrier named Luke arrives in town. Vic need money to help Nancy's sister, who is seriously ill. Baxter offers to buy the pub, but Vic turns him down. Vic finally decides he has to sell the pub, to get the money, even though he won't sell it to Baxter! Luke is about to leave town, when his car explodes. He is very seriously hurt, but manages to recover. All his equipment is destroyed though. He offers to buy the pub from Vic, who accepts, not knowing that Luke is a front for George Baxter. Finally it's Vic's birthday party, he'll be 60, but he leaves pretty soon ... telling Geoff he'll be back ...

98. The child
A girl gives birth to a little baby boy in the Nomad on the way to hospital. She doesn't want to involve the father who is a jackaroo who left as soon as he heard he was gonna be a dad. But the baby's grandfather, the girl's dad, is convinced the baby is the new Messiah. He interferes a lot and the mother gets really upset about it. One day he just wanters off into the bush, and isn't found ...

99. Next to go
Chris is going to hospital to have her operation. Jack goes with her, and her father meets her at the hospital. Before the operation, she meets a young boy named Jamie, who is convinced he'll die soon. Chris does everything she can to convince him otherwise, but it's hopeless. Chris has her operation, but her father tells Jack that even though she pull through the operation, there's a 10 days waiting period before the danger is over. When Chris comes out from her operation, she learned that Jamie died during his operation. In Coopers Crossing there is a Bunyip race going on, to raise funds for the RFDS. Geoff and Kate find out Chris pulled through the operation, and tell the others Chris will be fully recovered.

100. Gotta have friends
Geoff gets a new patient, the donkey Druscilla who has psychological problems. He manages to cure her after a while. Maggie has some arguments with an old friend of hers, who visits Coopers Crossing, about Luke. Geoff proposes to Kate!!

Season 5

101. The gift
Doctor David Ratcliffe from Broken Hill arrives. Jimmy and Sally McCarthy have a car accident. Sally will be fine, but Jimmy has massive brain damage. David says Jimmy is clinicly dead and wants to call the transplant unit. But Chris wants to wait for Geoff, he is out on a clinic round. When he comes home he confirms what David's been saying, Jimmy is clinicly dead. But David has acted very badly toward Jimmy's parents. Despite that, they agree to a transplant! Chris wonders if Geoff and Kate are really getting married, as Paula says they are. Kate hesitates, but finally says "yes"!!!

102. Second chance
A truck gets stuck in the river and Emma is asked to pull it out. She tries together with Paula, but the truck is too heavy and Emma get stuck underneath the truck in the water. While the water is rising, Geoff has to make a difficult decision: amputate Emma's arm or wait for another truck to pull Emma out.

103. Not the Malarvy's
The Malarvy-family comes to Coopers Crossing when their daughter is hospitalized due to pneumonia. They have eight children and the oldest daugther looks after the rest of them. She meets David and at a party she accidently "thinks" David proposed to her. She is really thrilled and tells her parents straight away. They also like the idea of their daughter being married to a doctor. After a lot of talking, explanations and misunderstandings the girl understands and decides to go to nursing school in Broken Hill.

104. The adventure
Geoff and Kate run away to marry each other secretly. But not everything turnes out the way they planned! Meanwhile Paula leaves with two women and a man to take a photo session in the outback. Luke goes with them, because he doesn't trust the man and it proves he did the right thing!

105. No man's land
Chris and David are on a clinic run for three days. The farm they're staying at, is run by a woman and her two daughters. David doesn't feel welcome and soon he finds out that the women are very hostile towards all men. There must be a reason for this attitude. Geoff and Kate are taught a lesson: how to behave like a married couple. They are overwhelmed with all kinds of presents, even baby stuff.

106. Rising sundown
A lady named Essie Harrington is selling her property. Two japanese men shows up at the auction and they lay the highest bid. This upsets almost everybody, especially since Essie's husband was killed by the Japanese during the war. The tension is too much for Essie, she collapses and is brought to hospital. When she feels better David says he'll take her back home, but someone has sabotaged the plane, thinking David would fly the japanese men. David makes a force landing, and he and Essie are ok. Essie decided to sell her property to the neighbours and the japanse men leave.

107. Man and boy
A young boy named Ricky gets hit by lightning. David, Kate and Sam manage to get there, but the storm makes sure they can't take off. Ricky is in agony and Kate wants to let Ricky die. But David says he, as a doctor, can't just let a patient die. Finally a helicopter gets there and Ricky is brought to hospital. He will be all right.

108. The longing
An aboriginal woman wants to have her baby in a place where she grew up. She and her husband drive around and not everyone is friendly towards them. Finally Geoff and Kate got married! But because Geoff has to help out far away with the delivery of the aboriginal woman's baby, the ceremony goes all by radio.

109. Bitter harvest
The Potter family is supposed to be one of the happiest families of Coopers Crossing. But suddenly this seems not right as the Potter's are involved by a murder attempt. Chris is a friend of the family and she takes care of the family.

110. The instrument
David discovers that a man who works in a mine got injured. But the man keeps working and even wins a boxing match. So David questions his motives, because this seems impossible.

111. Word and deed
Jacko is babtizing a baby who is related to Sam. Afterwords Sam discovers some burnmarks on Jacko's hands. He is taken to hospital and diagnosed with leprosy. He can be treated but everyone is upset and stays away from him. He gets sad and flies away without telling anyone. When they find out and try calling him on the radio there's no answer. Geoff and Sam follow him and manage to locate him. They talk to him and soon Father Jacko is himself again!

112. All that glitters
A rich man called Barry Ryan comes to town. He is out with some horses when Luke, who is nearby, hears a shot. Barry has been shot and is taken to hospital. But Jack has a problem, it seems no one was out there except Barry - and Luke. Jack finds out Luke once killed a cop, and puts him in jail. Finally it turns out Barry was trying to kill himself, and Jack and Luke are friends again.

113. Fly past
DJ gets a call, a stationhand has a broken leg. Chris flies out and sees the worker - who turns out to be Tom Callaghan!! He isn't too badly hurt and everybody wonders why Tom isn't working as a doctor. They throw him a big welcome-back-party at the pub, but he acts strangely and is very rude. The following day he flies out to the property where he is working with David. But in the plane David is stung by wasps and has an allergic reaction. Tom performs a tracheotomy and calls Mayday. Sam is out on a clinic round and can't help, so Chris takes a Cessna and tries to talk Tom down. Amazingly he manages to land the plane with only a few difficulties. Later Tom talks to Chris about some things he experienced in Africa, but then leaves for the farm.

114. The last rodeo
A girl named Kathy complains of stomachpains and Chris does some tests. Kathy's father shows up secretly and he and Kathy leaves during the night. The tests show Kathy is a diabetic and Chris and Dougie try to track her down. They succeed eventually but Kathy is in a coma. She is taken to hospital and will be fine. And her dad sets things straight with her mum.

115. Sky above, earth below
A little girl named Sophie falls down a mineshaft. Everybody tries to rescue her but it doesn't look too good. In the last minute David saves her, despite his claustrofobia!

116. Lucky lady
An old man is found in the forrest, he claims to be searching for someone. He is dehydrated and goes to hospital, but runs away. It turned out he had crashed a plane outside the Crossing during the war, and his mates had died in the crash, he wanted to see the plane and the grave. He felt guilty for his friends dying, so he wanted to kill himself out there but was rescued by his son, Geoff and Emma.

117. The chips are down
Nick's father, Jim, and Nick are out driving. Nick is a bit worried, the rumour says his dad takes amphetamine. Nick is asleep, when Jim suddenly can't see properly. He crashes into the Broken Hill bus! There are a lot of victims, and everybody is called in. Nick thinks they crashed because his dad was high, but an x-ray showed he had a brain damage. He goes to Sydney for treatment as soon as they find out.

118. Guardian angel
Michael and Lee visit an old man named Karl. They work for a mining company and want to do a survey on Karl's land, but he refuses. When they are on their way Michael starts acting more and more agressive. When they stop he goes mad and pushes Lee off a cliff! Michael is found and brought to hospital. After a lot of tests and troubles they found out he had rabies!! After a while Karl tells them there was a girl with Michael, and the search starts. She is found and will be all right. Before she leaves Coopers Crossing she promises Karl no survey will ever be done on his land.

119. Battlers
Nick and his friend Shane work for mr. Logan. Nick hurts his chest and Tom says he needs to rest for 10 days. Mr. Logan doesn't except that and to keep his job Nick keeps working. But one day he feels really bad, and mr. Logan says he'll drive Nick and Shane to town. In the car they start arguing, and mr. Logan dumps the two of them in the middle of nowhere. Nick is unconscious. Mr Logan's wife, Maria, suspects something is wrong and takes a car and goes after them. She can't drive well, and gets lost. Nick and Shane get a ride to the nearest property where the Nomad picks them up. He needs immediate surgery, but will be all right. A search for Maria is organized and she is found!

120. No tears
A man working for Baxter, Ben, has a car accident. The RFDS comes and checks him out. They say he need an eye operation. But Ben has heard that Baxter wants to fire him, so he grabs a horse and rides off. After a while he is found and Tom tries to talk to him. When Tom steps outside Ben shoots himself.

121. A doctor's dreaming
Goeff, Kate, David and Emma leave for an aboriginal meeting in the bush. Geoff gets appendicitus and has to operate on himself. He passes out and Kate has to take over because David won't make it on time!

122. Blues for Judy
A girl who is a friend of Emma's gives birth in her car, then leaves the baby outside Emma's front door wanting Emma to look after it - what she doesn't know is that Emma is staying overnight in town. The girl collapses and ends up in hospital. David is her doctor, he knows she has just given birth and tries to let her tell him where the baby is. The baby ends up being left out in the cold all night. The girl's boyfriend turns up as well. Eventually the girl says where she left the baby and Emma and the boyfriend find it.

123. The claim
Lorraine's husband died and Judith's husband left with somebody else. So the two friends are living together. Lorraine gets killed in an accident and to make matters worse, Judith's ex-husband returns (who is Lorraine's brother as well). He wants Judith back, no matter what.

124. A rhyme for reason
Kate has piano lessons from an old lady. Lately this lady doesn't feel so well. It turnes out that her son in law is giving her pills so that he inherits her properties when she dies!

125. Dad's little bloke
Little Mikey gets hurt and in hospital it is discovered that his blood group doens't match either his father or his mother. It turns out that Mikey was switch at birth with another baby boy. His father goes looking for the other family in Melbourne, together with Kate and Geoff, who went there for some time off.

126. A sporting life
Mel Cregan from Coopers Crossing is the big baseballhero in New South Wales. After a great game he and his dad, Kev, are celebrating at the pub with their mates. They are rather drunk but Kev insists on driving home in the middle of the night. They have an accident and Mel hurts his leg. They need to amputate but Mel doesn't allow it. Geoff and Tom go through with the operation anyway, to save Mel's life. After his operation Mel goes to Sydney for special treatment. But he swears to sue Geoff and Tom. After a lot of hard times Mel realizes you can have fun in a wheel-chair - you can even sport.

Season 6

127. A good drop of red
Tom, Kate, a pregnant woman and two businessmen are on a airplane crash. They have to stick together to survive in the middle of nowhere, but the businessmen don't think that way! Then the pregnant woman has to deliver her baby!

128. The hero
Gerry O' Neill, the new pilot, gets a lift from the old Felix because his car broke down. They get an accident and because Felix has been drinking, Gerry tries to convince the police that he has been driving. Geoff and Tom are not sure about the new pilot.

129. Suspision
Chris has to look after a criminal, Evans. The police claims he tried to escape but his injuries are consistant with the ones of a beating. Chris feels sorry for him but finally she has to release him from the hospital. On the way to Broken Hill they have a car accident. When Chris gets there Evans tries to kill them all but is shot to death by one of the policemen. It turnes out Evans had been treated for schizophrenia.

130. Daddy's girl
During college, Tom had a major crush on Megan Price. Togehter with her wealthy father, Megan visits a pipe installation nearby Coopers Crossing. During the inspection, there is an explosion. Many people get injured and Tom has to decide which patient goes to hospital first.

131. Two sisters running
Two girls, Kelly and Hannah, and their grandmother have a car accident. In hospital Geoff finds out the grandmother has lethal cancer. She wants to look for the girls' father, Michael O'Connor, their mother is dead. Geoff locates Michael on the opal-fields, but Michael won't come back. The grandmother dies, and the girls overhear Geoff when he says they might be split up. The girls run away and a search is organized. Geoff has found out why Michael won't come back for his kids, and confronts him with the information. This makes Michael come and look for his girls and thanks to him they are found!

132. Dangerous games
Nancy contacts an old rodeo-champion, Ralph McRae, to help Nick. Vic is jealous, he thinks Nancy and Ralph have something going. Ralph doesn't seem to realize he isn't young anymore, so he tries some rodeo, but gets really dizzy. It turns out he was near a stroke, but will be allright if he takes care of himself. He doesn't want to at first, but when he ends up in hospital he comes to his senses. Vic and Nancy are fighting and Nancy falls down the stairs. It looks like she'll be completely paralyzed, but later it turns out she could get better, if she has surgery. It's a rather big risk, but she and Vic decides to go through with the operation. And it is a success.

133. Milk run
A woman named Lois Murchison takes a bad fall, and can't radio for help. The only one left on the property apart from herself is her very young son Ben. Lois manages to send a call to D.J. on a really old radio, but he can't really identify her. Finally Tom finds her and takes her to hospital. Chris has applied for a top job in Sydney, and she got it - but turned it down!

134. Point of no return
Amanda is seeing Mark, who works on her father's property. Her mother doesn't approve and after a fight Mark leaves. Amanda is so upset she tries to kill herself. Debbie got a bump on the head in an accident, and in the plane her headinjury gets worse and she faints. David lands the plane, and Amanda will be fine. But Debbie's pilot license is withdrawn.

135. Small mercies
Tom goes to see June Nichols, who is ill. Her radio is broken, so Tom takes June's son Jason to go to the neighbours for help. They have a car accident and then get lost in the bush. They are found however, in time to save June as well.

136. A painful extraction
DJ's father visits Coopers Crossing and announces to bring his son back to Greece to help with the family business. Because all his son does, is playing a bit with the radio. But soon father Goannides finds out that his son has a very responsible job and so he lets DJ decide for himself.

137. The climber
Two friends visit David. Peter never finished his studies and he is still blamed for it by his parents. His girlfriend Karen is pregnant and she wants David ot tell Peter. When David and Peter go climbing, this is David's opportunity to tell Peter. But Karen got food poisoning and looses the baby. Peter got food poisoning as well and David has to help him while they are still climbing. Clare replaces DJ.

138. Dead reckoning
A pilot with typhoid comes to Coopers Crossing. A businessman who stole an amount of money from his company hired the pilot to fly him out of the country. Geoff, Kate, Gerry and a woman with serious kidney failure are held hostage by the businessman because they don't agree. Kate is forced to go with him and the pilot. The plane crashes down, but they survive!

139. A bride to be
Whistler finally got the courage after twenty years to ask Alice to marry him. But he wants to offer her a great home. To make some money, he steals cattle with his friend Graeme.

140. A place for the night
Jenny can't walk anymore after she fell off her horse. Tom can't find a cause and asks Kate and Geoff to bring her to Sydney. On their way they are having some troubles with the plain and they have to spend the night by two sisters in a very strange house. When they return next day, there are no signs that people lived there and it seems like they met some ghosts...

141. End of the rainbow
Nick goes to an opal-miner called Jackson with a generator. Jackson attacks Nick but then get trouble breathing. He goes to hospital with his daughter while Nick stays to guard the mine. A thief comes at night and manages to get some opals with him. When Jackson comes to the mine the following day he gets sick again and David take some tests of the mine. Jackson thinks his former partner, Palmer, stole the opals and goes over to his mine. David goes after him and finds them fighting in the mine. Suddenly the roof crashes down and the three of them are trapped inside. In the last minute they are saved by Tom and Nick. David finds out Jackson was allergic to some fungus in the mine and therfore he can't be working in it. He sells the mine to Parker.

142. Double vision
Tom is treating a girl named Kim, she burnt her hands. She falls in love with Tom and follows him everywhere which is a bit embarresing. She follows him to the airport and climbs into the cargospace in front of the plane when they go on a clinic round. They find her there after a while and she has to stay with them over night. The following day she finds out her mother will come. She is very upset and runs away. Tom finds her on top of a windmill and manages, through difficulties, to get her down. They found out Kim is schizophrenic and she will go back to town for treatment.

143. The boy in the boot
A father, Rex, and his son Tim are heading toward Coopers Crossing when Tim gets in the boot of the car. They have a caraccident, but are saved at the last minute before the truck burns into a wreck. Tim will be fine, but Geoff finds out Rex's got a heart disease. It isn't curable and Rex wants to spend time with his son. They leave for a farm the following morning. Tim's mother, Jess, turns up in town and claims Rex has kidnapped Tim, she wants him back! At the farm Rex and Tim finds out the person they were looking for had moved but they stay there with Di and Ellie Martin. Suddenly Rex collapses. Geoff and Kate arrive but Rex dies in the plane. Tim decided to stay on the farm to try the country life.

144. Windows of the soul
David is getting a man to hospital who has hurt his head. David finds out he's been in Vietnam but he doesn't want to talk about it. But he does have a heart condition and needs a by-pass operation in Sydney. He refuses to go, he reckons he has got nothing to live for. He runs away from the hospital but then his daughter from Vietnam shows up. Apparantly he had no knowledge of her. She and David go looking for her father and finally they manage to locate him. After lots of dramas the man ends up in hospital, and when he sees he has a daughter who cares about him he decides to go through with the operation and he and his daughter leave for Sydney together.

145. Rest in peace
Nick and Annie find a car in a dried creek with two bodies inside. They are believed to be Bob and Rachel Jordan, who mysteriously disappeared years earlier. Tom is suspicious and finally they find out the man in the car wasn't Bob. It turned out Rachel had had an affair - Bob was ill and spent most of his time in bed. Their son found out and told Bob, who was very upset. Rachel and her "boyfriend" took off, but apparently they didn't get any further than the creek. Shortly afterwords Bob died, but made Michael swear not to tell the truth. Michael held his promise and burried Bob at the property. He had had mental problems ever since.

146. Life line
Chris meets Mandy, a young woman who recently lost her baby and who thinks she is pregnant now. She tries and help Mandy, but then she got some bad news: her father has cancer and doesn't want to get treatment.

Season 7

147. Fly like a bird
The new pilot, Johnno Johnson, arrives. An old man named Les thinks he's got asbestosis from mine-jobs. He's convinced he'll die and wants compensation money from the mining company. He's gonna give the money to a boy named Matt, who wants to be a pilot. Les finds out he's not gonna die after all, and when Matt finds out he steels Johnno's plane. Johnno manages to talk him down.

148. A day to remember
During a clinic round there are reports of small fires, which eventually turns out to be one huge fire! Geoff goes out there, but burns his hands and is replaced by David. He attends a family where a woman is seriously ill. They manage to get her to hospital, but she needs major surgery in Sydney. There's no time to fly her there, and Geoff can't operate, so David has to do it! The operation is a success!

149. A place to call home
Nick is out fixing a wind mill, when a woman named Kerry comes, her car broke down. She's pregnant and starts having contractions. Nick helps with the delivery, she gets a baby girl. Something is not right with Kerry though, and it turns out she stole the car and a lot of money from her boss. He comes to Coopers Crossing and says if he gets his stuff back he won't press charges.

150. Divided loyalties
A pilot-friend of Johnno's, Keith Lorrigan, has a plane crash and dies. His wife Vikki finds some heart pills, and Johnno doesn't want anybody to know, they'd only think it was Keith's fault. Johnno tries to work out what happened and discovers Keith thought he was flying barrels of destilled water, when in fact it was sulphuric acid in them. The barrels leeked and caused the crash.

151. A rural education
David and Annie go to a remote part of town to do check ups on pupils at the school. One of the boys keeps acting strangely and has bad headaches and his hands keep shaking. His sister is having headaches as well. The other kids tease him and think he is mad. David tries talking to his father but gets no response from him, so he goes to see the boy's grandfather. He has got the shakes as well and says it's miner's shake. David finds out from him that stuff from the mines has been leaking into a stream, but then they find out it is getting into the water where the boy's father is getting water from to water the vegetables with, so it turns out the boy is being poisoned.

152. The ties that bind
Sandy and Phil are camping with their mentally disabled son. But he needs a lot of attention and behaves very bad. Phil leaves his wife and son. When Geoff visits the camp, the mother and son have disappeared as well.

153. Brother's keeper
Through helping an alcoholic friend, Tom finds himself trapped in a mine and at the mercy of a murderer.

154. Wilderness
A girl comes to the clinic tour. Tom discovers she is a diabetic. She needs to give herself insuline shots, but her father forbids her to do so. He lost his wife because of pills some doctors gave to her. When Tom insists the girl needs medication, he takes his daughters, burns his house down and drives into the wilderness. The car breaks down and the Flying Doctors are just on time to save the little girl's life, as she hasn't took her insuline on time.

155. Valentine's day
David falls in love with a British woman. She is flying around the world on her own and she is only in town for a few days while her plane is being fixed. But then David finds out she is very ill and has hodgekin's disease. She wants to travel and see as much of the world as she can before she dies. David asks her to marry him, but she turns him down because of the travelling. Meanwhile Clare has a secret admirer.

156. A little tenderness
Tom talks to a woman who needs to have her utures removed. The woman lives under horrible cirumstances, her husband is really mean. One day her husband gets badly hurt, and Tom and Johnno fly out there. There's a storm coming in, so they can't fly the hurt man to hospital. Tom has to operate, assisted by Johnno and the wife. The operation is a sucess and finally the couple manages to sort things out.

157. Poet's corner
An alcoholic poet with writer's block arrives in Coopers Crossing and causes trouble by his decision to turn to plagiarism.

158. Family farm
A tense situation develops when Jim, burdened by his failure to provide for his family, takes his wife and youngest daughter as hostages. Geoff tries to calm him down and switches places with the wife and daughter.

159. A place to belong
Magda Heller from Germany joins the Flying Doctors. She wants some change in her life. Soon she is involved in an emergency.

160. Breakaway
A young mother, Stacey, tries to escape the clutches of her manic depressive boyfriend, Terry, by running away to Coopers Crossing with her daughter. But will she be safe there?

161. Billie and Pete
Billie, once a famous blues singer, and Pete are in a car crash. Geoff knows Billie from his years in college and asks her to stay at his and Kate's house. He helps Billie with her voice problem, which he thinks is physically and not mental. Meanwhile Kate tries to figure out what really was between Billie and Geoff.

162. Old man's weed
Magda and Kate have a fight on their hands when they try to persuade an aborigine girl's father to allow her to undergo an operation to save her from a brain tumor. The man swears by his own medicine: a herb called old man's weed.

163. David and Goliath
David is called out to a patient who has his leg trapped. Back at the hospital David also notices a lump on the man's chest which he says should be tested and removed. But the man goes to see another older doctor and he says that the lump is allright as it is. David goes to see the other doctor and ends up in a big disagreement with him. David goes to see the man again to get him to reconsider but he won't. A Flying Doctors offical turns up and tells David not to pursue it any further and that if he doesn't stop his job is on the line, but David won't leave it alone and doubts whether he should quit his job or not. But, eventually the man lets David do the test and it turns out to be cancer.

164. Last carnival
When Annie gives treatment to a boy who works on a carnival, the pair develop a strong rapport.

165. Innocence lost
Jeannie, Kate's friend, is raped by a young man. Kate stays at Jeannie's house. The man returns to the house and Jeannies father shoots him. Kate helps him more or less against her will.

166. Bush christmas
Vic and Nancy are hard at work preparing for Christmas.

Season 8

167. What a guy
A new doctor and nurse arrive in Coopers Crossing. Unfortunately, since he's charming but arrogant and she's tired of overbearing city doctors, the stage is set for a clash.

168. Bad moon rising
A man collapses at an oil drilling rig. Johnno and David arrive there. The boss running the rig knows Johnno and doesn't like him, something which happened in the past. The boss wants the man back at work, so he discharges himself from hospital, but he collapses again and David is called out again. This time the ground is very wet and muddy and Johnno has difficulties getting the plane off the ground; his past comes back to haunt him. But after removing the chairs and stuff from inside the plane to make it lighter, he manages.

169. A new life
Gail delivers her baby under very hard circumstances in the Nomad. She gets a depression and don't want anything to do with the baby. Gail and her husband decide to let the baby stay with Geoff and Kate for a while. It turns out Gail hasn't cope with her father's dead and has a problem with her parents-in-law who are constantly deciding everything for her and Des.

170. Trough thick and thin
The doctors are called on to help a pair of English girls who are stranded in the outback. One of them is seriously ill. Guy and Johnno like the girls a lot.

171. Deceptions
David has decided to leave Coopers Crossing and do something else with his life. A man sacks a jackeroo - the jackeroo has been seeing his daughter - and tells him to keep away from her. The jackeroo and daughter are having a row - she falls and bangs her head. David is on the way there but sees the jackeroo setting fire to a cabin and tries to stop him, but the jackeroo hits him. David has to spend a night in hospital and misses his leaving party at the pub. The next day David leaves the hospital and hears some shouting. He finds the jackeroo stuck half way down a cliff on a ledge. David goes down to him, then goes back up to call the base. Johnno, Geoff and Kate turn up, they throw a stretcher down to David but it gets caught on something, David tries to free it and slips and falls upside down. He can't get himself back up and falls down to the bottom of the cliff. Geoff rushes down to see him, but David is dead.

172. None so blind
When her car breaks down, Kate gets battery acid in her eyes. She can't see anything and it is not sure if she ever will see again. But everything turnes out fine! Meanwhile an aboriginal woman helps out at the base. Not everyone is pleased with this!

173. Sleep of reason
The arrival of Kate's younger sister Penny is shrouded in mystery. She turns out to be subdued and secretive, while Magda also has a secret and makes a shocking announcement.

174. My mother's child
Clare is called by an agency about her son Steve she has given up on adoption. She is very tense about it all. Just as Penny thinks there is nothing to do in Coopers Crossing, Steve arrives by bus.

175. Swinging on the rope
A wealthy and powerful landowner causes problems for the RFDS when he insists that his injured son is sent to a specialist in Melbourne. The new doctor Rowie arrives. She used to live in Coopers Crossing and is rather hostile, especially to Kate.

176. Father and son
Vic decides to become a partner in a tourist enterprise, and a father has to come to terms with a tragedy when his baby boy dies.

177. A little miracle
Geoff and Kate are off camping in the bush. They are planning to get pregnant, but nearby a family gets into trouble. The father is obsessed with religion and risks his son's live. At the end a little miracle occurs and the son is saved.

178. Murphy's law
Vic runs over a little girl, Fiona, with his car accidently. Guy and Jackie pick her up, but luckily she isn't too badly hurt. At the hospital Guy noticed that Fiona's mother, Judy, is sick, she's got cancer and hasn't got a much time left. A friend of hers, named Rick, comes to visit and when he finds out about Judy's condition he wants to look after Fiona after Judy's death. But Judy claims Rick isn't the father which makes it impossible. Judy won't say anything about who the father is though. Clare finds Fiona's chart and it turns out Judy has been lying to Rick about Fiona's age, and Rick is Fiona's real father. Everybody says that it might be hard for him to get the custody of Fiona anyway since there is no legal evidence that he is her father. They only way out is marriage between Judy and Rick. Judy agrees and they are married in hospital. Later Judy dies and Rick and Fiona leave Coopers Crossing to start a life of their own.

179. Breaking down the wall
Steve, Penny, Jackie and Guy are on a tour with a german couple and a tour guide. They are in a cave, everybody but Jackie and the german woman go in. Inside the cave the guide has a heartattack and dies, and the other ones can't find a way out. After lots of searching, trouble and secrets everybody is rescued. Kate is feeling sick, and the pregnancy tests shows it - she and Geoff are going to be parents!!!

180. Once bitten
Geoff is really sick and hospitalized. The problem is nobody knows what it is. It is some infection in his arm, but since they can't find the source of the infection they don't know how to treat him. The only way out seems to be to amputate the arm! Then Johnno realizes Geoff was out at a man called Rocket who had some old equiment that might have leaked hydrolic fluids. They test Geoff, Johnno was right, and Geoff is treated. And he can keep his arm.

181. Clipped wings
Johnno is flying the doctors out on an emergency. Due to bad weather he has to land on a strip under regulation length, but since it's an emergency Johnno lands. It turned out to be a non-critical case, and when the other ones wanted to stay there until the weather got better, Johnno decides to fly. The wind changed and the plane crashes. No one gets hurt. Johnno is investigated and suspended. He shouldn't have tried to take off. He is upset and takes a job on a farm. A pilot there hurts his arm, there is no one there to fly him to town. Johnno thinks it's a danger to the pilots life and flies himself, despite the suspension. When he comes into town the doctors say he shouldn't have to come to hospital. Once more there is an investigation, but Rowie says the patient had a life-threatening injury to save Johnno. Johnno has to take his pilots licence again, he does and succeeds.

182. Walk don't run
Penny and Kate are competing with each other. Kate joins the annual cross country horse race: she puts her unborn baby's life at risk by doing this. Penny helps a woman who is obsessed with athletics.

183. Masquerade
Guy becomes involved with a battered housewife and Jackie has to cope with an amorous dentist.

184. Against the current
Penny and Steve go camping. But their idyll ends when they come across a horrifying sight. Penny decides to go back to Melbourne, but Kate and Geoff go after her and persuade her to come back.

185. Last of the Cochranes
A mysterious call drags Geoff to Melbourne where he meets up with 91-year-old Mum Cochrane, who is determined to return to Coopers Crossing to die.

186. Double life
The people of Coopers Crossing are stunned when Guy's fiancee, Fern Wentworth, arrives in town. She is convinced that he has become too provincial and wants to reclaim his love.

187. Something, nothing
Johnno decides to re-evaluate his priorities in life when he and Rowie are nearly killed while flying through a storm. His first move is to tell Rowie he wants her to be a part of his future. He also buys the farm of his friend Bronwyn, who is diagnosed with MS.

188. Family
Scarlett, Kate and Geoff's daughter, is born in this episode! But something is wrong with her and the only doctor who can help her is an alcoholic as Kate found out!

189. Being positive
Anthropologist Jerry Davis returns to Coopers Crossing needing to speak to Geoff urgently. It's known that Jerry, who has a scar on his neck, was operated by the RFDS team during an emergency. Jackie is thrilled at the return of the man of her dreams, who she hopes will be the man of her future, but Jerry has bad news.

190. Open day
Geoff tries without success to persuade the mother of a badly scarred boy that it would aid his mental recovery to come to Coopers Crossing and face the world. When the boy becomes suicidal, Penny holds out a hand of friendship.

191. Changing times
Geoff and Kate move to Melbourne because Geoff is offered a job there. They can't get used to the city and they move back. Meanwhile Johnno and Rowie are having wedding plans, but at the last moment Rowie is getting second thoughts and doesn't want to marry Johnno anymore.

192. Freedom
Jackie discovers a pair of young lovers living in the cellar of her farmhouse in a story reminiscent of "Romeo and Juliet" with equally tragic consequences.

Season 9

193. Nymphs and nightmares
A sighting of the 'Outback Nymph' by washed-up journo Walter Morell brings unwelcome memories rushing back for Rowie. Could it really be her childhood pal Beryl whom she left in the Bush 20 years ago?

194. Out of the bleu
Kate and Geoff are arguing a lot since Scarlett was born. Geoff rescues Penny from suffocation and Penny developes a crush on Geoff. Whole Cooper's Crossing is obsessed with a satelite which may crash right in the middle of the town!

195. The last dance
Clare's routine is disturbed by the arrival of an old 'flame' as Steve struggles to get his new business off the ground.

196. Unfinished business
Chaos comes to the operating theatre following a surprising discovery of a deadly bacteria. Guy is called upon to stem the rising panic, but tact is not his strongest point. Rowie embarks on a journey of self-discovery and comes to a decision about Johnno.

197. Jaqueline
Guy and Jackie got stuck in an abandoned shed after a clinic round due to bad weather. And when they come back to town the following morning everybody is really interested about what happened in that shed during the night ...

198. Monkey
Jackie is put in an impossible position when she discovers that a talented surgeon is also a heroin addict.

199. The stranger
The residents of Coopers Crossing think they've met their first alien when a nude man confronts Geoff in the outback. At first he just seems to be a nutcase, but it transpires that he has an extraordinary depth of knowledge about medicine, flying and mechanics. When the military arrive in town looking for him, matters begin to get a whole lot stranger.

200. The christening
It is the day of the christening of Scarlett. Geoff and Kate are looking back at their lives by flashbacks.

201. The good book
Steve finds an old diary which is reason enough to organize a big reunion! Tom, Chris, D.J., Emma and Baxter(!) return in this episode.

202. My little patch
Guy gets in over his head when he answers a call for help from a young Koori boy, caught between two cultures, whose grandfather is dying of cancer.

203. Two splatt shuffle
A travelling medical salesman is involved in an accident and his double life is revealed when two women turn up claiming to be his wife.

204. Secrets
When Rowie is swept off her feet by the handsome and wealthy Andrew Abbott, a long-lost brother shows her where her real roots lie when he has conversations over the radio with Kate, threatening to kill his wife and daughter because of his money problems.

205. The games we play
Guy attempts to diagnose the puzzling symptoms of a new young patient. Meanwhile, Coopers Crossing is buzzing with excitement over the cricket match of the decade.

206. Bone china
The residents of Coopers Crossing feel uneasy when killer Matt Samuels is released from prison, and Kate insists on driving him home, unaccompanied. Geoff flexes his culinary muscles as he embarks on a restaurant venture.

207. Johnno be good
Only a week after the cremation, Johnno finds out his father passed away. He goes to Melbourne to collect his father's stuff and meets an old friend again. It turns out Johnno's father was making up all kinds of stories about Johnno flying over the world. But he never had time for Johnno when he was a kid and Johnno didn't make time for his father when he grew up. Now it is too late. Steve and Guy try to fix up Johnno's house while he is away, but instead of helping, they accidentally burn it down.

208. Lost rainbows
Rowie leaves on horseback to an emergency. When she arrives, there isn't an emergency but there is a very strange and tense atmosphere. Rowie calls the base to help her out.

209. Broken promises
Emily is marrying Hugh, but her parents are involved in everything. She is overstressed and ends up in hospital. She starts doubting the marriage, Hugh is from a fine family and so is she, and she wonders if Hugh just marries her because it will look good. Finally she calls the wedding off. A truck with all the food and drinks for the wedding crashes in the bush. Almost everybody goes out there, and when they find out the wedding is off they have a huge party in the middle of nowhere!! But when they come back to town they discover the wedding is back on again! So they try to cook to make up for all the food. When they have finally finished the bride's father comes and tells everybody the couple have eloped!!

210. Visitors welcome
Toshi, who visited Coopers Crossing last year, comes back with a group full of japanese tourists. Since the pub is full Johnno is staying at a man called Barry and his son Luke. It's obvious Luke does anything to impress his father, but Barry picks on him all the time. One of the japanese men is stabbed one night, nobody knows who it is. But when Johnno come out to Barry's place, Luke is there, with a big blackeye. It turns out Luke stabbed the japanese man to impress Barry (who once talked badly about the japanese), Barry finds out and hit him. Rowie discovers Luke's got a hearing injury, and it turns out Barry's been beating Luke every now and then. He realizes how wrong he has done and agrees to go in councling.

211. Yesterday's news
For this one time Kate picks up her work as a nurse again. She and Johnno go on a baby clinc tour. A journalist joins them. An emergency occurs and Kate has to operate on a young man. The journalist is only interested in news and forgets that there are people involved. Kate gets furious at her!

212. Dirty linen
The laundry machines in the hospital breaks down one after another, due to old age. But there isn't enough money to buy new ones. The laundresses go on strike! After a lot of trouble, and with the help from a famous union man and Penny they sort the problem out. Steve meets the school teacher Jane McLaughlin, and they end up in bed together.

213. Chasing rainbows
Rowie and Guy are arguing. Rowie's father is really ill, but decides to go back to the outback. Rowie has to help an injured member of the navy by radio.

214. Uncle cyrano
As Steve pursues his infatuation with local schoolteacher Jane, she goes to Guy with shattering news. Guy is torn between professional and personal loyalty: should he tell Steve the truth? And what about Penny?

215. Luck of the draw
Geoff has to choose between delivering a premature baby and attending Steve, a snake-bite victim. Jackie doens't agree with Geoff's decision, but later on she has to make a simular choice. Kate fights the local politics, including Vic.

216. Trouble with M.E.
When diehard farmer Matt Sheridan complains of tiredness, Guy is convinced that he's suffering from stress, while Rowie thinks it has to be physical. As the two clash, the base's atmosphere grows ever more tense. Is Coopers Crossing big enough for both of them?

217. The accomplice
A stranger in town has winning ways and is accepted by everyone except by Jackie, who feels uneasy about him.

218. Blind obsession
Claire's secret admirer strikes again, and she confesses that it would be fun to meet him in person.

219. Wimp
Steve faces charges for contributing to a boxer's death in the ring.

220. Visionaries
Vic has a plan to bring Coopers Crossing out of the recession: bikini-clad parking inspectors. Vic thinks he has visions about Guy and Penny and Rowie finds out about the two.

221. Life lessons
Because it is Scarlett's first birthday, Geoff decides to make a videotape about the life lessons from his father. He interviews all the important characters of Cooper's Crossing and discovers many lies and secrets!
The last episode, so it was very sad!!