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Witch YouTube category to chose for uploding videos about

Witch youtube category to chose for uploding videos about?

Choose the category that best aligns with the primary focus of your videos and where you believe your target audience is most likely to discover and engage with your content.

as an example for uploading videos about koi fish, you could consider the following YouTube categories:

Pets & Animals: This category is suitable for content related to koi fish care, breeding, feeding, pond maintenance, and showcasing different koi varieties.

DIY & How-To: If you're creating videos about building koi ponds, designing koi habitats, or crafting koi-related items, this category could be a good fit.

Gardening: Since koi are often kept in outdoor ponds, the gardening category might be relevant, especially for videos focusing on pond landscaping, aquatic plants, and water features.

Art & Design: If your videos involve artistic aspects like painting koi, creating koi-themed crafts, or designing koi-inspired products, this category could be suitable.

Education: Consider this category if your videos aim to educate viewers about koi fish, their history, symbolism, cultural significance, or any other educational aspect.




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