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Commodore 64 Music Legends

A Few Commodore 64 Music Legends

The Commodore 64 wouldn't be the same without the talented composers who pushed the SID chip to its limits. Here are a just a few of the most influential figures and some of their iconic tracks:

  • Rob Hubbard (known for catchy melodies and innovative sound):
    • "Monty on the Run" (Monty Mole)
    • "The Last Ninja" title theme
    • "Green Beret" title theme
  • Chris Hülsbeck (atmospheric and cinematic sound):
    • "Turrican" soundtrack
    • "The Great Giana Sisters" soundtrack
    • "Simon the Sorcerer" soundtrack
  • Ben Daglish (quirky and humorous style):
    • "Dizzy" series soundtracks
    • "Bubble Bobble" title theme
    • "Rainbow Islands" soundtrack
  • Martin Galway (early C64 music pioneer):
    • "Manic Miner" title theme
    • "Match Day II" title theme

This list just scratches the surface of the talented composers who brought the Commodore 64 to life with their music. There are many others who deserve recognition for their contributions to this unique soundscape.




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