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my mom      Written by:  nuttytigger    2017-02-06 14:31 

my mom goes to the radiologist today to see about getting radiation on her growing lung cancer please pray for her THANK

my mom      Written by:  nuttytigger    2017-02-04 14:24 

hello I know that I haven't been on in a while but I would like for you all to pray for my mom shes not doing to good Thanks

Thoughts & Prayers      Written by:  Buks    2017-01-18 13:00 

Looking To The Stars I Made A Wish. My Thoughts And Prayers Are For Dj Gabi

Wens/Wish Voor/For 2017      Written by:  Buks The Netherlands    2016-12-14 12:26 

In Gedachten Verzoken, Zonder Woorden, De Wens Met Genegenheid Voor 2017
Thinking In Thoughts, Without Words, My Wish With Compassion For 2017
Geluk/Luck/Gezondheid/Healthy/ Voor Iedereen/For Eveyone

     Written by:  Me    2016-12-13 22:33 

Thoughts and prayers going out to all those that need them at PCR.

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